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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Embracing Beliefs

Tareek Saab, the author of Gut Check, says when he embraced his beliefs he "became more ethical, truthful, helpful, courteous, likeable, responsible and rational."
Before that, he was materialistic, driven, on the way up in the corporate environment, focused and haughty.

His turning point came as a result of a combination of events: sitting in a philosophy class and hearing the difference between happiness and pleasure, living in the corporate world and suddenly identifying with being "dead" vs. being "alive", and feeling the pull of his Catholic upbringing. To add meaning to his life meant to become the type of husband and father his family would be proud of, BEFORE he even met the woman of his dreams.

What does it take to embrace beliefs?

My contention is, we must have something worth living for. When that happens, we then embrace our beliefs as a way to overcome the barriers that hold us back from our purpose.

Paying attention to what truly resonates in us is key. My pastor Steve Smith told me several years ago, "Merri, pay attention to what makes you cry." From that directive I began seeing what is valuable to me. Although many people cry from sorrow, from pain as well as from discomfort, I have begun learning that what most often makes me cry is when someone is in need and others don't recognize it.

And maybe I was the other person. Or maybe I could have done something to inform others on how to be of assistance.

Embracing my belief in the power of the divine, the power of community, the power of compassion overcoming pain all helps me break down the barriers of resistance. Many days I forget the divine element, thinking I am solely responsible for my own success. That keeps me from allowing others - community - to show up. Yet it even more limits the big picture - the divine intervention.

Embracing my beliefs in total helps me to become patient, focused, calm. What a relief from daily activity to have these results! And when embracing my beliefs, I work harder, driven by focus and resolve.