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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introvert Barrier #2

Give someone a chance to vote on leaders, and if they know the candidates, they would select the introverts. Yet if they don't know the candidates, their guts would steer them away from the introverts. Why? Based on Barrier #2: perception gaps. (We have already addressed the intrapersonal barrier of introverts with the post Introvert Barrier #1. #2 - this post- is an interpersonal barrier)

Face It

For some of us, success is what we fear. The only real solution is to get over it. And by that, I mean, just Face It. Look it squarely in the eye. Learn what it is that makes us shake and then address it.

Similarly, many of us fear getting in front of groups. Whether introvert or extrovert, we fear we haven't what it takes for the moment.