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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where's the Faith?

Yesterday I was returning to my office from a morning coffee meeting downtown Columbus, and I began to notice a pattern in several pedestrians. Many are unafraid to make eye contact. This encourages me. I am quick to smile at those who are willing to connect, to which they often share a greeting.

Now that I'm tuned in to my surroundings I notice a lady in a scarf clutching the wrap around her neck while staring at the sidewalk. Instantly my mind reflects to earlier beliefs. Things aren't working. What am I doing?

The introvert's self-view is often one of doubt. Thoughtful and reflective, we question ourselves, quick to believe others' over our own thinking. We assume the second-seat in our own courtroom. Although we are expert in ourselves, we defer to the opinions of others. Such has been my struggle throughout life.

Tap, tap, tap. Exiting a bus and turning left onto the sidewalk towards me is a blind lady with her cane poised, searching out the signs she is on the right path. Head high and open to the world, she quickly passes by, jolting me by her faith. Her world view is that of confidence. She steps forward expecting to be supported, not waiting for assistance but taking charge. What a value system! Although she has the right to seek assistance - entitled - she has faith in her abilities and in the world around her.

And in case I questioned my own perspective of what I just saw, next come three more pedestrians, their blind canes in hand, some with seeing eye dogs. Smiles on their faces, heads positioned forward, they were taking on their day, full speed ahead! What a sign for me!

Introverts, where is our faith? We, the reflective, the contemplative, the thoughtful are best served with our positive energy not only towards others, but supporting ourselves.