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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Distractions I Can't Do Without

As her golden hairs all over my t-shirt will attest, my little Amber is quite the lapcat. It doesn't take her long to spot the laptop in my lap before she hovers on the back of my chair. Stealthily, she saunters into my lap, staying low in case I see her and tell her "no".

But in the morning I usually don't. I like the cuddle time with her even if I'm focused on getting online and into my blogging page. That purring bundle is a good little charge for me.

What's the good little charge for you?

Of all the distractions that come to you on a regular basis, which ones do you welcome?

Knowing this is key to understanding our boundaries, our personality and our willingness to stay the course. If all distractions pull us from our mission, we're on the wrong mission. But if some inspire us on, then so be it(them). They are distractions we cannot do without!

Others for me are the singing birds, the just-filled coffee pot and a shoulder squeeze or peck on the cheek. Without these distractions I press on relentlessly, usually with too much focus.

But with them, I can remain human, child-like, appreciative and driven.

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